Why Fiber Optic Cables May Be The Solution For You

Fiber optic Internet cables are a great solution for your home or inside your office. The connection you get in the building is derived from the cables that originate outside, and fiber optic cables bring in a varying amount of power. It’s faster than DSL and could be available in your area. Call now to check fiber optic Internet availability in your community and learn more about how much speed the fiber optic Internet can provide.

Where Are Fiber Optic Cables Available?

There are many communities where fiber optic cables were installed in an attempt to make your community ready for the Internet quickly. The company that laid down the cables wanted to get all their customers online as soon as possible, and fiber optic cables offered a fast installation. You can see the fiber optic cables coming through the jacks in your home, but you may not know how they work. The function of these cables is very important.


The Ethernet boxes in your home or office bring fiber optic Internet to you, but the boxes are assembled in different ways. Your provider may use four, six or eight wires inside the cable. Four wires provide a slow signal, six wires provide a moderate signal and eight wires provide a fast signal. You can see how many wires are installed, and you will know if you can get faster speeds in your building. Check the boxes for upgrade opportunities, and ensure that you are asking for a faster connection when the time is right.

How Do You Connect?

Your provider will offer you a portal that allows you to connect, or you will attach a wireless router to your Ethernet jack. The wireless router will bypass any security protocols for the network, and you can broadcast the signal all over your home with a new password. Connecting your computer directly to the jack will require use of the provider’s portal, and you must connect using the portal at every turn.

How Do You Check Fiber Optic Internet Availability?

You may check for availability in your area at any time, the search you do will show you a map of your area. The maps you look over will show you how strong signals are in your area, and you may see where the fiber optic cables are installed. Choose a company that has cables in your area, and ensure that that company offers good service plans. We can help you upgrade your service or change your internet provider.

Your search for a quality Internet connection will result in a connection that enters your home or office via a fiber optic cable. The cables you use can provide a range of signals, and you may attach your wireless router to the jack for extra coverage. Your home or business will have a fast service that can be upgraded in many cases. Ask your installer for information about the fiber optic cables that are in use in your home, and accept only the fastest installation possible.