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Television allows us to stay connected, to keep up with our favorite teams or shows, and to be entertained. The best way to take advantage of all that television has to offer is DIRECTV. Now, you can have the best deal ever when you have a qualifying home service like AT&T Internet or home phone service. We can help you lock in a two-year deal for DIRECTV. Bundle your services or find local internet available for you!


DIRECTV now offers the most advanced HD DVR system ever with the Genie. Everyone in your family can watch their favorite shows—either live or recorded, and they can watch those programs in any room in the house with a television, or, with the Wireless Genie Mini, you can watch outside. The Genie system lets you record up to five shows at once.


If you want instant access to the best movies, DIRECTV CINEMA allows you instant access to the most popular movies that have been released. There are new movies every week, and they’re on DIRECTV CINEMA before tDIRECTV internethey’re on Netflix or Redbox. You’ll be able to watch these great movies anywhere—on your television, laptop, tablet, or even cell phone.
When your television is connected to the internet, you can use your DIRECTV HD DVR to gain instant access to thousands of movies, and you can watch them anytime. You can stream these movies anywhere—it makes waiting for your kids to finish their practice or their orthodontist appointment less tedious than ever before.

On Demand

DIRECTV On Demand allows you to watch the top television programs any time. One of the best features lets you go back to the beginning of a Show if you tuned in late. If you get busy and forget to set your DVR for a program, you have 72 hours to go back and watch that program.
DIRECTV also makes it simple to binge-watch your favorite programs. After you watch episode one of your show, DIRECTV will put episode two up next for your viewing enjoyment. Even if you forgot to record episode two, or if it has been more than 72 hours since episode two has aired, the next episode in line will be ready to enjoy.

Advanced Features

DIRECTV has some of the best apps in entertainment. You can use these free HD TV apps to allow you to check the weather in up to five different cities, to check the scores and schedules of your teams, to see what is trending, and even to check out your Fantasy Football league.
Another awesome advanced feature is Mix Channels which allows you to watch up to eight different sports programs on your screen at one time. Want to watch your favorite baseball team NBA Finals? With Mix Channels you can have them both on your screen at the same time.
Speaking of sports, the Sports feature with the Genie allows you to select your favorite teams and/or sporting events and have scheduling information appear on your screen. Never miss your team’s big game again.

DIRECTV offers you cutting edge entertainment, news, and sports enjoyment. Call now to learn more!